Steve Thomas
Attorney at Law

Campaign for Judge - Updates

July 5: I will be posting regular updates to my campaign for Piatt County Circuit Judge until November.

I see many campaign signs for Dana Rhoades and Suzanne Wells. I do not plan to put up many until starting in August. But the early presence of these signs disturbs me because it appears the campaign is shaping up to be nothing more than a popularity contest. If it is, I will lose, because both Ms. Rhoades and Ms. Wells are more well known than I am, even though I have lived in Piatt County over 32 years and have practiced law here for over 20 years. I am simply not an outgoing person. Does that disqualify me as judge? Of course not. I think the most important quality for a judge is good judgment, and that's what I talk about in my short book Justice in Piatt County, 2000-2020 (see this website), which has been available since February. But I am getting very little response to my book. That tells me people aren't reading it. I think it is irresponsible for anyoone to pledge allegiance to a candidate by posting her sign, if that person has not read my short book. No one in Piatt County should vote for judge in November unless he or she has read my book. The campaign is four months away, and it might take two hours at most to read this book. It explains why I am running - not because I particularly want the job (it bears a tremedous amount of responsibilty) but because I don't think justice will be served well if either of the other candidates gets the position. I feel it is my duty to justice to run. I explain the flaws in the justice system in my book, and I think either of the other candidates will just perpetuate those problems.